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June 21, 2012
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6XL Aaron Application by OrcaCookie 6XL Aaron Application by OrcaCookie
Ok guys, get ready for a sob story. Sorry it's so long, I just started thinking of his personality and realized he would need a reason to be like this sdrfhjbdfkhb. You don't have to read it.



Name: Aaron Chambers
Gender: male
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Personality: Aaron is very kind and forgiving. Through his pokemon, Angel especially, he was able to overcome his moderate depression. Despite this he still lacks confidence and is fairly sensitive. Aaron is very shy and can have trouble meeting new people. Not that it really matters though b/c his pokemon will always have his back.
Brief History: Aaron lived in the Unova region. Growing up he never really experienced any pokemon though. His parents had nothing but disdain towards them so he was not allowed to have on as a pet, let alone go on a "pokemon journey".
Aaron was shy from the start so the school social setting was always a problem for him. When he was young his shyness and wealth eventually singled him out to the point where his classmates began picking on and bullying him.
Throughout his childhood he had several nannies that were switched out over the years. All of them were kind and generous, but none of them could replace the mother and father he desperately wanted the attention of.
His parents always wanted him to be very successful at everything he did (grades, sports, friends, etc...) so were often disappointed in their generally average son.
With problems at home, school, and most everywhere else, Aaron fell into depression by the time he was a teenager. He began cutting by the time he was 14 and started getting piercings as sort of a subconscious "notice me" type thing. By the time he was 16 he was planning his suicide.
On a particular night Aaron was cutting when a Banette appeared from his closet. Although he was startled he didn't resist when she came up to him and hugged him.
Aaron thought the Banette would leave soon, but she stayed for days. During her time there she stole and hid Aaron's razor and spent every moment she could with him. Being a ghost type she could easily hide from any maid, butler, or (on rare occasions) parents.
Eventually Aaron couldn't live without her and with her help he was able to overcome his depression. He named her "Angel" after she had acted as his guardian angel.
At 17 Aaron left his parents home to have a small journey in the Unova region with Angel (and eventually Sophie and Charlotte). At this point his parents considered their son a failure and were even considering "trying again".
When Aaron learned of the Sixfold League he was eager to learn more about pokemon and battling.
Misc: Aaron would never admit it, but his favorite genre of music is country. He actually has been to a doctor about his depression (he did so during his journey), but was assigned no medication b/c Angel was already doing more than any medication could.



Name: Angel
Species: Banette
Gender: female
Nature: Bold
Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning
Ability: Insomnia
Moveset: Return, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Thunderbolt
Misc: Angel was originally a prankster. She would travel along and scare innocent people and pokemon usually by following them to their homes and scaring them as they were about to fall asleep. However she stopped this lifestyle after finding Aaron.
Originally she was going to scare him by hiding in his closet, but after watching him hurt himself she couldn't bear it. Instead of scaring Aaron she comforted him. What originally started out as support developed into a close bond.
Angel is very protective over Aaron; she doesn't want him to get hurt. She also holds grudges very easily (but I think this would be a common Banette trait). She's a good battler, but is more relentless than Aaron would prefer. Usually she will use ways to trick her enemies or incapacitate them in some way. Charlotte is like her younger sister and she'll often get in fights with her.
During the day she will always be near Aaron, but during the night she enjoys wandering around and watching others sleep (once a creepy ghost type, always a creepy ghost type! c; ).
It's a mystery why a Banette was in the Unova region, but Aaron never asked, and she never said.
She wears a pink choker.

Name: Sophie
Species: Swoobat
Gender: female
Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Likes to relax
Ability: Unaware
Moveset: Charm, Heart Stamp, Roost, Aerial Ace
Misc: "Let's make friends, not war" would mostly describe Sophie. Because of her gentleness she isn't the greatest battler. She believes all problems can be solved through patience and understanding. She is often a peace maker, especially whenever Charlotte and Angel get into a fight. Sophie enjoys meeting new pokemon/people and talking to them and/or keeping them company--often she will convince humans to pet or cuddle her.
As a Woobat, she met Aaron when she began cuddling with him. She enjoyed Aaron's kindness and began following him around until he caught her.
Sophie is abnormally small for her species and wears a white bow/bowtie.

Name: Charlotte
Species: Deino
Gender: female
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn
Ability: Hustle
Moveset: Bite, Double Team, Earth Power, Headbutt
Misc: Charlotte is like a child off "Toddlers and Tiaras"--though a bit less extreme. She can be a sassy brat when she wants to. Charlotte will take advantage of others' kindness and use it to make herself look innocent--she often does this when she taunts Angel into fighting, and making herself seem like the victim when Sophie calms them down.
When Aaron isn't around, Sophie will stay with Charlotte to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble (namely biting others and starting fights). Although the youngest of the group, she is the most independent. Charlotte uses scent and sound to find her way around, often following her sisters' and Aaron's scent/voices. Even though she's a brat, at the end of the day she loves her family very much.
She was orphaned when very young and met Aaron when he was near Opelucid City. She bit onto Aaron's ankle and refused to let go until Aaron had to capture her in a pokeball.
Charlotte is still young so she is small and fairly weak. She wears a green ribbon. And yes, the spots shown in the drawings are her only spots.


Oh my goodness you guys, I'm so sorry for that incredibly long story dfjvhbskhb. And then all those long pokemon descriptions. I don't think I've ever had such a complex group of characters. Idk, I just really want these guys to basically be a family--not just a trainer and his pokemon. c':
Anyway hear's my boi toy NPC and I hope you like him. u v u;;


Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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